Economy of Pittsburgh, PA

  • Agriculture and Trade

Pittsburgh was established more than 250 years ago and has contributed to the economic growth of the United States of America. In the early years of its establishment, the city was known for agriculture and trade.  After the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794, some miners discovered a large amount of coal in the city. Mount Washington also known as Coal Hill located in Pittsburgh is the depot with the highest quantity of bituminous coal in the United States of America. Furthermore, the location of the city made it among the leading industrial powerhouses in the world. Learn information Pittsburgh, PA  .

  • Steel 

Another natural resource that boosted the economy of the state was steel. During the early 20th century, the city produced about one-third of the national output of steel. At this time, Pittsburgh had lots of factories – largest pipe and tube mills, rail mill, wire manufacturing plant, etc. The production and extraction of steel continued till the mid-80s thereafter, the steel industry collapsed and there was a drastic reduction in the number of steelworkers in the state. 

Today, the state has shifted from steel production to technological inventions. The region now focuses on many areas such as robotics, tourism, engineering, biomedical technology, education, etc. Discover facts about Duties of a Medical Malpractice Attorney.

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