Wineries in Pittsburgh, PA

Aside from being known as the ‘City of Steel’, Pittsburgh is also called the ‘Wine Capital’ in the United States. There are lots of wineries in the city with quality and unique products. Also, local brewers and winemakers have the opportunity to produce and sell their products in the market. Here are some of the famous wineries located in Pittsburgh. Click here for facts about Pittsburgh, PA  .

  • Arsenal Cider House

Arsenal Cider House, a United States Civil War thematic winery was established in 2008. The winery is located in Lawrenceville and specializes in ciders (fermented apple beverages). The winery has a vast collection of ciders and honey meads to satisfy all customers. Arsenal Cider House is the pioneer cider house in Western Pennsylvania and the first to sell out wine in beer kegs to their customers. Click here to read about Why you should hire a Medical Malpractice Attorney.

  • Threadbare Cider House

The name of the winery was formed from Johnny Chapman or Johnny Appleseed who walked in threadbare clothing from Massachusetts to Pittsburgh in the late eighteenth century. During his journey, he collected apple seeds from mills and transported them to Ohio and Indiana for orchards. The Threadbare also specializes in Ciders made from local apples. Their ciders are fresh and have a nice taste.

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