A Tour Through Historic Ben Avon Heights, Pennsylvania

Ben Avon Heights Pennsylvania is a town of about 8 acres located on a plateau above the Scioto River in Allegheny County, PA, United States. The population was around 371 at the last count. Ben Avon is located in Westmoreland County, PA and was founded in 1810. The town was originally called “Ben Avison” and was named after Benjamin Avon, the first mayor and one of the founders of the city. Today, the name is more commonly used for the town itself. Learn information about Pittsburgh, PA. 

Ben Avon was originally only a small community. As time went on, it began to grow, especially with the influx of European immigrants. When World War II broke out, there was a temporary halt in development, but in time Ben Avon became part of Allegheny County. There are two main schools in the town – the Ben Avon-Pittsburgh Middle School and the Central Catholic High School. The Central Catholic High School is one of the oldest high schools in the area and dates back to 1886. The Ben Avon-Pittsburgh Middle School, which was formerly known as the Central High School, was built during the 1930s and is considered to be one of the finest middle schools in the state. There are also condominium complexes that contain multiple apartments and houses. All of these homes were originally constructed in the late 1930s or early 1940s. Some of these homes are historic and will sell for a premium, so they are desirable and will attract many potential buyers who are looking for old home values. Discover facts about Allison Park, Pennsylvania – One Community in the Greater Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area.

The Ben Avon Heights Museum is one of the best things to do when you visit the town. It features artifacts and memorabilia from the history of the town. It also features a visitor’s center, which will tell visitors about Ben Avon, what it has to offer, and what they can do. The museum itself is a beautiful museum that includes the home of Ben Avon, as well as a number of houses that have been renovated. There are also several homes for sale that you can check out, as well as several historic buildings. There are also a number of historical gardens for you to explore. If you want something special, there is even an indoor and outdoor pool that features a water slide.

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