Duquesne, Pennsylvania – An Interesting Small Town

Duquesne, Pennsylvania is a small city located in Allegheny County, PA. The city was named after Robert Duquesne, who was an important railroad figure during the early 1900s. Duquesne was originally a small manufacturing town that grew with the growth of Duquesne Steel, one of the largest steel companies in the world. Duquesne was built on a peninsula that sits in Duquesne Harbor and has a population of around twenty-five thousand. Duquesne offers a variety of entertainment options for those who are looking for something different to do in their lives. Visit this link for more information.

Duquesne is primarily known for its theme parks. There is the Duquesne Gardens theme park located on a three acre lake with seven themed areas of amusement including the Big Blue Aquarium. There are also numerous other attractions including the Duquesne Art Museum, Duquesne Gardens Botanical Gardens, Duquesne Gardens Golf Course, Duquesne Ice Rink, Duquesne Marine Aquarium, Duquesne Opera House, and Duquesne Zoo. Duquesne has a great reputation for providing quality theme park attractions for kids of all ages. The Duquesne Gardens is especially known for the Big Blue Aquarium. Duquesne has a great reputation for providing quality theme park attractions for kids of all ages. Read about Cheswick, PA – A Gorgeous Community in the Heart of Southwestern Pennsylvania here.

Duquesne is also well known for its restaurants. There are two excellent fine dining restaurants that are located in the center of Duquesne. The Duquesne Restaurant is located on the corner of Duquesne and Tompkins Streets. It is located on Duquesne Avenue and is a small but elegant restaurant that serves an extensive variety of food. The Duquesne Pub is located on Duquesne Street across from Duquesne Gardens and is an old-fashioned pub that serves sandwiches and burgers. Duquesne has an abundance of art galleries and museums that include the Duquesne Art Gallery and Duquesne Museums. There are also some historic buildings in Duquesne that include the Duquesne Firehouse and Duquesne Village Market.

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