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Frischman & Rizza work diligently to resolve your case at the highest level of compensation for you and your family. The most junior member of our staff has worked for us for over 15 years! We are an efficient and highly respected firm and promise you an unparalleled level of care for the entire length of your case.


We have been a staple of the Pittsburgh Justice community for over 35 years and even our most junior staff member has been with us for over 15 years.


Our Partners have been named Pennsylvania Super Lawyers and have acquired numerous prestigious awards. Our best awards are from our satisfied clients who pass on our firm to their own friends and family.


Our firm donates thousands to local charities and our partners have taken teaching positions and lecture frequently to our community.


Speak softly but carry a big stick. While we try to maximize compensation as quickly as possible we are unafraid to take large cases to trial where attorney Rizza alone has won over 105 juries trials for millions of dollars.

We Serve You and Your Family

Craig Frischman

Patient, kind, and sharp – attorney Frischman often visits clients in their own homes if they are unable to come to our office.

Bernard Rizza

Respected the nation over and included in the top 2% of all attorneys. His expertise is unmatched in the courtroom with over 100 wins by jury trial.

James South

Forged in the Marines, over 17 years of practice, & graduate of Loyola University of Chicago summa cum laude (With Highest Honors).

Jean manifesto

Over 18 years of practice with 100% of her focus on litigation. Ms. Manifesto’s drive for client care extends to her community activities where she volunteers as a hospice care provider.


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