Education is a process of learning and acquiring new skills in a certain aspect of society. The benefits of education are innumerable and it has become the foundation for several modern inventions in the world. Pittsburgh is home to several popular institutions and colleges that have made great contributions to the educational system in the world. Here are some of the institutions in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Learn more here.

  • Carnegie Mellon University

Founded in 1900, Carnegie Mellon University is a private research institute in Pittsburgh. Andrew Carnegie established the university to serve as a technical school. By 1912, the name was changed to the Carnegie Institute of Technology. In 1967, Carnegie Institute of Technology was merged with the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research to become Carnegie Mellon University. Today, the university has become one of the renowned institutes with several campus locations in different countries. Learn more about 

  • University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh was founded in 1787. Then, it was known as the Pittsburgh Academy. In 1819, the Pittsburgh Academy was renamed to Western University of Pennsylvania. But in 1908, the Western University of Pennsylvania was finally changed to the University of Pittsburgh. Asides being a great citadel of learning, the university has lots of historic buildings like Schenley Farms Historic District, etc.