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Epidural Lawsuit: Liabilities and Instances

Anyone who has ever experienced upper back, lower back, leg, or neck pain can attest that it can be difficult to function normally when the discomfort has gotten too severe. The only thing that patients can think about is finding pain relief. When patients are in severe pain, they will likely talk to trained and certified medical professionals to find the root cause of the pain and get treatment. One of the types of treatment that may be recommended for pain management is an epidural steroid injection in the spinal cord.

In most cases, epidural steroid injections are administered properly, and the patient can find relief quickly. The only side effects that most people experience include headaches, anxiety, facial flushing or redness, and sleeplessness. Fortunately, these effects are temporary and are usually gone within 24 hours of the epidural needle injection.

There are rare instances when the transforaminal epidural steroid injections are administered incorrectly in the epidural space, and patients suffer greatly because of that negligence. When a patient has suffered injuries resulting from malpractice associated with the epidural injection, they deserve to fight for justice and financial compensation for their damages and losses.

At the law firm of Frischman & Rizza in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you can discuss your medical malpractice case with an experienced epidural malpractice lawyer. Our legal team will evaluate your negligent epidural steroid injection case and determine if it may qualify for a medical malpractice lawsuit. Contact us today for a free case evaluation and begin your attorney-client relationship with our experienced personal injury law firm.

Who Requires an Epidural Steroid Injection?

Patients may be candidates for an epidural injection when they suffer from pain, discomfort, and inflammation in the neck, mid-back, or lower back and buttocks region. It is particularly common in patients who suffer from spinal stenosis, foraminal stenosis, disc herniation, and degenerative disc disease.

The basic idea behind the epidural steroid injections is that the medication in the injection is designed to control the inflammatory response of nerves and other components located in the epidural space. The injection will also reduce the immune system’s response so that the production of inflammatory cells is decreased. The goal is to eliminate pain through epidural injection.

Can the Injection Result in Severe Pain and Spinal Cord Injury?

Various injuries may result from negligence related to epidural steroid injections. Some of these include:

  • Infections
  • Nerve damage
  • Spinal epidural abscess
  • Serious pain in and around the injection site
  • Paralysis (partial or complete)
  • Infarction of the spinal cord
  • Dural puncture
  • Bone density infarction
  • A respiratory arrest or other breathing problems
  • Neuropathy

These injuries are quite severe and could have even larger and long-lasting effects on your overall health. When health care providers are negligent in their duties and care of their patients, especially in the case of epidural injection, the victims of medical malpractice deserve to fight for compensation.

What Is an Epidural Steroid Injections Lawsuit?

As with other medical malpractice lawsuits, those related to negligence during the administration of epidural injections work to hold medical professionals accountable for their actions. Patients who suffer severe injuries directly from medical errors such as problems with the epidural steroid injections should contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer to handle the case and demonstrate why the healthcare professional breached their duty of care.

The doctor must only penetrate 1.75 inches into the tissue during the injection administration. Furthering this mark could result in nerve damage and other epidural injuries. Throughout the medical malpractice case, the attorney will work to demonstrate that the doctor failed to adhere to the standard accepted duty of care, and this breach directly caused the injuries to the patient.

Does the Epidural Steroid Injections Lawsuit Fall Under Medical Malpractice?

Yes, epidural steroid injection injuries are classified as medical malpractice and will follow the standard protocol for proving medical malpractice in a lawsuit. In the case, the lawyer must prove that the patient was under the doctor’s care, that doctor had a duty of care to the patient, the task was breached, injuries resulted from that breach, and those injuries resulted in monetary damages for the patient.

All personal injury cases are different, so victims of medical errors must consult with and receive legal representation from an experienced medical malpractice attorney in Pittsburgh, PA.

At Frischman & Rizza, our attorneys are dedicated to helping victims fight for justice and compensation from those who injured them. We will have your injuries evaluated by medical experts and determine the maximum amount of payment to cover damages related to the error. This may include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Future medical care and treatments
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future income potential
  • Emotional stress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • much more

You do not have to fight for your rights as a victim by yourself. Our legal team at the law office of Frischman & Rizza will help you hold the medical professional who injured you responsible and accountable.

Contact Our Pittsburgh, PA, Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you or a loved one has sustained a permanent injury due to a negligent epidural steroid injection, contact the personal injury lawyers at Frischman & Rizza in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our team is committed to standing up for victims’ rights and ensuring that any medical professional who causes injuries to patients is held accountable. We know how challenging it can be to face the potential for a lawsuit by yourself, so we are here to fight for you.

The attorneys at Frischman & Rizza want you to focus on the healing process and allow us to stand up for you in and out of court. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your case and determine if your situation may qualify for a medical negligence lawsuit.

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