History taught in school has exposed tiny information about several cities, States, and countries. However, there are certain interesting facts that weren’t mentioned by instructors. As an individual staying in an area, you should have lots of data about the area – fashion, culture, food, language, history, festivals, etc. Planning to visit Pittsburgh soon? Here are some of the interesting facts about the city. Pittsburgh, PA can be seen here.

  • City of Bridges

Pittsburgh is also known as the City of Bridges because it has 446 bridges. This is more than the number of bridges in other states or countries. Click here to read about Festivals in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Emoticon

While chatting with friends and colleagues on any of the social media platforms, you’ve used an emoticon. Do you know emoticons were invented in Pittsburgh? In 1980, Scott Fahlman, a scientist at Carnegie Mellon University came up with the idea of emoticons which is now universally used. 

  • Home of Theater

Pittsburgh is the home of entertainment and the foundation of Nickelodeon. The first modern movie theater was created in 1905 in the city. 

  • Polio Vaccine

Polio is a disease that has killed many people. However, in 1950, a medical doctor, Jonas Salk created the polio vaccine which is still used today.