Interesting Sites in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh is located in the area of convergence of rivers Allegheny and Monogahela forming Ohio. The city was very significant in the warring periods of the United States. More so, the city is endowed with lots of natural resources mostly steel and iron. The city is also known as the Golden Triangle depicting the point of convergence between the city and rivers. Are you planning a vacation soon? A visit to the city of Pittsburgh will offer more than a mere vacation. Here’s an insight to some of the interesting places in the city. Further facts about  Pittsburgh, PA can be found here.

  • Carnegie Science Center

The Carnegie Science Center is one of the most visited places in Pittsburgh. The center offers more than 200 exhibits which explains the relationship between science and everyday human life. More so, it shows the evolution of science and technology in the world today. Additionally, there are lots of games (indoor and outdoor) for visitors to enjoy. Information about History of Pittsburgh, PA can be found here. 

  • Cathedral of Learning

The Cathedral of Learning is located in the University of Pittsburgh. The building is about 535 feet tall and the second-tallest university building in the world. The building has lots of educational materials and a food court for visitors to get good bites.