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Is Motorcycle Insurance Required in Pennsylvania?

As with any motorized vehicle, Pennsylvania requires that motorcycle riders carry insurance coverage and have completed a motorcycle safety course to obtain a license before hitting the road. Motorcycle insurance is necessary because it protects the motorcycle owners and other drivers in case of an accident.

Your insurance policy may vary depending on the insurance carrier. Still, Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance requirements must be met to operate a motorcycle on the roadways legally. It is important to talk to your page to discuss your insurance coverage options and the advantages of including such items as bodily injury liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, underinsured motorist coverage, and trip interruption coverage.

Suppose you are ever in a motorcycle accident and find that you need to rely on your insurance for injuries and damage. You may regret only investing in the minimum coverage required by law, especially if you are the at-fault driver or the responsible party does not carry full collision coverage and bodily injury coverage to pay for your medical bills.

What State Law in Pennsylvania Requires Motorcycle Insurance Coverage?

As your insurance company will tell you, motorcycle insurance policies in Pennsylvania require all motorcyclists to carry a minimum coverage for liability. Essentially, liability coverage protects any other drivers involved in an accident with you by covering their bodily injury and property damage. Your motorcycle insurance for liability needs to include the following coverage options: $15,000 for bodily injury liability coverage, $30,000 for each accident, and $5,000 for property damage.

In addition to liability coverage, many insurance companies offer various other motorcycle accident coverage options. These may include:

  • Underinsured motorist coverage/Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Medical payment coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage (covers anything other than a collision with another vehicle such as weather damage, hitting an animal, vandalism, and more)
  • Collision coverage
  • Trip interruption coverage
  • Replacement cost coverage
  • Helmet coverage
  • Motorcycle safety riding apparel coverage
  • Carried property coverage

When motorcycle accidents happen, they can seriously affect the rider and the at-fault driver. Anyone who decides to drive on Pennsylvania’s roadways must have the right insurance coverage to protect themselves and those around them.

It is important to discuss your insurance policy coverage limits with your insurance agent to ensure that you meet the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s requirements and are fully covered no matter what may happen while on the road.

Why Is Insurance Necessary When It Comes to a Motorcycle Accident?

There are two primary reasons why it is necessary to carry insurance coverage for your motorcycle (other than state law). These include bodily injury and property damage; regardless of who in the at-fault driver in a motorcycle accident, any injuries caused by the collision need to be compensated. If it is determined that the accident was your fault, your liability coverage will pay for the other driver’s medical bills but not necessarily yours.

When you are not the driver at fault for the accident, your motorcycle insurance policy may be needed to pay for the medical treatments and motorcycle repairs or replacement you need if the other driver is not properly insured. Suppose you have invested in your insurance policy’s right insurance coverage options. In that case, you should feel more confident on the road knowing that you and your motorcycle are covered regardless of what may happen.

What Type of Pennsylvania Motorcycle Insurance Will Cover Medical Bills?

Medical expenses are paid through an insurance policy in a couple of different ways, depending on the circumstances of the collision. If you have the minimum liability coverage, other parties involved in an accident that is deemed your fault will be covered for bodily injury protection. Of course, the standard liability limits will apply according to your insurance plan.

The minimum liability coverage limit is $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident, but you could raise that limit to $250,000 per person and $500,000 per accident for a few dollars more.

You can also have 1st party medical payments coverage added to your policy to offer the range to the operator and passengers in the accident, no matter whose fault the collision was. Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage can also allow you to receive payment for injuries and property damage incurred in the accident if the at-fault driver is not properly insured.

Why Do Motorcycle Accident Victims Need an Attorney?

When you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and sustained serious injuries and losses due to another driver’s negligence, you may be able to file a lawsuit to obtain compensation for your injuries. As a motorcycle rider, you carry a greater risk of severe bodily harm in the event of an accident.

Motorcycles provide freedom for their riders as they cruise down the road, which also carries a risk. Other vehicle drivers have the shell of the vehicle around them to protect them and seat belts to help ensure safety. When a motor vehicle driver injures motorcycle operators due to recklessness or negligence, that motorcyclist deserves to fight for compensation for their injuries and losses.

An attorney can help you or a loved one fight for justice and compensation from that negligent driver through a personal injury lawsuit. While recovering from your injuries, allow an accident attorney to keep your best interests in mind.

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