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Car accidents in Monroeville, Pennsylvania often leave victims with serious injuries and financial dilemmas. Victims of car accidents are often faced with injuries that prevent them from working while medical bills keep coming. 

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car crash, the Monroeville car accident attorneys at Frischman & Rizza are here to help. We’ve successfully represented many other accident victims and can help you navigate your injury case. 

Car Crash Statistics in Pennsylvania

Motorcycle Accidents in Monroeville, PA

Motorcycle crashes often cause severe injuries or fatalities for motorcyclists. Since motorcycles do not offer the same level of protection as vehicles, serious injuries are common. The most common injuries suffered from a motorcycle accident are: 

  • Head injuries
  • Fractured or broken bones 
  • Face injuries
  • Sprains
  • Slipped disks
  • Torn muscles 
  • Amputations
  • Paralysis

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Motorcycle Crash Statistics in Pennsylvania

  • Motorcycle crashes caused 164 fatalities in 2019. 
  • 3,053 individuals were injured in motorcycle accidents in 2017. 
  • Less than half of motorcyclists were wearing helmets during a fatal crash. 

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Monroeville

  • A motorcyclist is in a car’s blind spot
  • The driver is drunk 
  • The driver does not hear the motorcycle due to radio or noise from traffic
  • The driver misjudges the motorcycle’s speed 

Truck Accidents in Monroeville

Victims of collisions with large trucks such as tractor-trailers or semi-trucks frequently experience significant harm and death. Large trucks are much taller and heavier than the typical vehicle, making these crashes even more dangerous than other motor vehicle accidents. 

Truck Accident Statistics in Pennsylvania

  • Over 4,136 people were killed in truck accidents in 2018. 
  • Out of those fatalities, 67 percent were occupants of cars. 
  • Most of the deadly crashes happened on major roads. 

Common Causes of Truck Crashes

Truck crashes happen for many reasons. Here are a few of the most common causes: 

Truck driver exhaustion:

Truck drivers drive for long stretches to meet deadlines. When they fail to take rest breaks, they can cause collisions because of being too tired.

Drunk drivers:

Getting behind the wheel of any vehicle while under the influence is dangerous. It’s even more dangerous when driving a large truck.


A speeding driver of a large truck that’s thousands of pounds will have a difficulty stopping if another vehicle pulls out in front of them.

If you were a victim of a truck accident, you might be able to recoup damages for pain and suffering if you experienced severe injuries. A skilled injury lawyer who is experienced with truck accidents can help evaluate your case. 

What to Do After a Car Crash in Monroeville, PA

The actions you take after a car crash may impact the amount of compensation you could get. The following steps can help to lessen your chances of your claim being denied:

Contact emergency services if you or anyone else needs medical attention.

Call 911 to file a police report, which can help support your claim to the insurance company.

Get medical attention for any injuries, no matter how minor they may seem.

Collect the other driver’s information, including their address, phone number, driver’s license number, license plate number, insurance company, and insurance policy number.

Take photos of the crash scene, including pictures of each car, vehicle damage, and photos of the surrounding area.

Keep all records of your medical treatment to prove the accident caused injuries.

Document your expenses such as property damages, medical expenses, and any other type of financial loss.

Call the insurance company within 24 hours of the accident. You have the right to refuse to give a recorded statement. At this point, you should only need to furnish basic information.

Contact a qualified attorney to help you through the process and examine any evidence you have gathered.

Common Factors That Cause Car Accidents in Monroeville, PA

A staggering amount of car crashes are caused by driver carelessness. The most common causes of car crashes are: 

  • Fidgeting with the radio 
  • Putting on makeup
  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Eating or drinking
  • Not signaling before changing lanes
  • Driving while intoxicated 
  • Failing to adhere to traffic lights and signs

Handling Injuries After a Car Crash

Car crashes lead to devastating injuries and many people are left with a long road to recovery. Serious injuries can significantly affect your way of life, leaving you unable to work, suffering from pain, and struggling to pay medical expenses. 

Our Monroeville car accident attorneys at Frischman & Rizza can help you pursue compensation for a car accident injury and loss of income. Accident victims may be able to receive compensation for the following: 

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • Diminished earning capacity 
  • Punitive damages

Proving Negligence in a Car Accident

The law firm you work with will need to show that negligence was the cause or contributing factor of the car accident. To do that, the following must be met: 

  • The other driver was not careful when they should have been. 
  • The other driver had a duty to be cautious while driving. 
  • The other driver was the cause of the crash and failed to use caution. 
  • You experienced financial damages and other damages because of the crash. 

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