One of the places history is kept intact are in Museums. Many events have occurred in the past which serves as a link between the past, present, and future. As time passes, one generation dies and another is born. Therefore, the only way to keep remembering the contributions of the past men for a peaceful present is through safeguarding their works, tools, books, etc in Museums and other historical places. Pittsburgh is a historical city that contributed to the end of the war in the United States. Several wars were fought on that ground. Here are some of the museums in Pittsburgh. More can be found here.

  • American Jewish Museum

This is an art room founded in 1998. Before the museum was established, there was an avenue for showcasing exhibitions periodically. The museum has lots of historic exhibitions that portrays the culture and rich heritage of the Pittsburgh people. So, if you’re a lover of arts or want to know more about the Pittsburgh state, you should visit the American Jewish Museum. Learn more about Interesting Sites in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Bicycle Heaven

One of the most amazing and unique museums in Pittsburgh is Bicycle Heaven. The museum was established on the 2nd of July, 2011 by Craig Morrow and it’s dedicated to transportation systems, especially bicycles. Yep bicycles in the museum are over 3000 with extra storage for more.