• Approximately 1 billion radiologic imaging examinations are performed worldwide annually, and most of the resulting images are interpreted by radiologists
  • Diagnostic error in medicine is a major cause of patient harm, with the rate of missed, incorrect, or delayed diagnoses estimated to be as high as 10%–15%
  • The radiologic contribution to diagnostic error overall is likely to be substantial.



Radiology and other types of diagnostic imaging have made medical diagnoses both easier and more precise. Physicians and their patients depend on MRIs, X-rays, CAT scans and other types of imaging technology to provide them with information that can help identify the injury, chart the course of a disease or allow the client and doctor to make informed decisions about treatment.

When radiologists and other medical specialists misread the results of these tests, patient outcomes can turn from positive to negative. When doctors misinterpret diagnostic test results, they can prescribe the wrong medication or treatment — or no medication or treatment at all- which can cause a treatable or curable illness or injury to become untreatable, disabling or fatal.

Examples of Radiology Errors

We help clients who have experienced this type of medical negligence resulting from:

  • Misinterpretation of tests
  • Misdiagnosis of test results
  • Improper testing procedures
  • Incorrect evaluation of test results
  • Unread radiology reports
  • Failure to communicate the radiology results to the patient’s doctor or failure to refer the patient to a specialist

Experienced Attorneys With Technical Knowledge

At Frischman & Rizza, P.C., our Pennsylvania lawyers help clients who have suffered illness or disabling injury because of radiology and MRI errors. We also advocate for the families of those who died as the result of negligence by a radiologist. We have been handling radiology and diagnostic imaging malpractice cases like these for many years and have the technical understanding needed to develop strong cases for our clients.

When a cardiac test, such as an angiogram, is misread, a patient can suffer a preventable heart attack. When brain imaging studies are not interpreted correctly, patients can suffer strokes and other disabling medical events, such as subdural hematomas or brain bleeds. When an obstetric ultrasound is misinterpreted, a baby could suffer a birth injury. When a radiologist fails to see a tumor or other problem, a treatable illness or condition can become debilitating or unmanageable and lead to the patient’s wrongful death.

Seeking Compensation for Clients Injured by Radiology Mistakes

When lifesaving radiology tools are not used properly or the results misinterpreted, patients can suffer devastating injuries or death. Patients injured by this type of medical malpractice, or the families of those who died, will find a sympathetic ear and aggressive representation that seeks total compensation for the full extent of the harm caused.

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