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Radiologists regularly conduct imaging studies on patients, and the number one type of radiology malpractice is a misinterpretation, or not reading the imaging study correctly.


Poor diagnosis and missed diagnosis are leading causes of cancer in the United States, especially breast, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, and breast cancer. If radiologists took extra care when conducting CT scans, prescribed interventional radiology for any abnormality identified during imaging study at the right time, and shared radiology results more effectively, most radiology malpractice cases would never happen. Patients would feel safe when seeking medical care, and a lot of wrongful deaths would be avoided. Even the most prudent radiologist is prone to medical errors; the medical malpractice law comes in to protect you and your loved ones from any personal injury suffered while undergoing treatment. Find out how our medical malpractice lawyers in Pennsylvania can help clients injured while seeking medical care instead of getting the necessary treatment for their medical conditions.

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What is radiology medical malpractice?

Radiology and other types of diagnostic imaging have made medical diagnoses both easier and more precise. Physicians and their patients depend on MRIs, X-rays, CAT scans, and different imaging technology to provide them with information that can help identify the injury, chart the course of a disease or allow the client and doctor to make informed decisions about treatment.

When radiologists and other medical specialists misread the results of these tests, patient outcomes can turn from positive to negative. Doctors can misinterpret such diagnostic test results, and in turn, prescribe the wrong medication or treatment — or no medication or treatment at all. This causes a treatable or curable illness or injury to become untreatable, disabling, or fatal.

A medical malpractice lawsuit against a radiologist must meet the 4 Ds, namely:

1. Duty

Radiologists owe their patients a duty of care. To open a radiology medical malpractice lawsuit, you must prove an existing relationship with the said radiologist. While this may seem as easy as just producing your medical records, you need an experienced lawyer to prove this in a court of law.

2. Deviation from the standard of care

A licensed radiologist is believed to be competent enough to diagnose and treat the conditions they are licensed to treat. If a patient goes to them for tests or treatment, they should discharge their duty without failure. A radiologist’s failure can cause patients serious injuries and even wrongful death. Many cases of cancers go undetected, only to be discovered in later stages when the patient cannot be treated. You can sue a radiologist for missing something other physicians with the same qualifications and experience would not normally miss. Such errors emanate from the following sources and could lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit:

  • Interpretation errors
  • Communication errors
  • Reporting errors
  • Interventional errors

3. Direct Cause

When a patient goes to court, they must prove that the radiologist was responsible for radiology errors that caused pain, loss, or injuries. The evidence must show beyond doubt that a patient’s current predicament is directly linked to the doctor’s negligence.

Forms of negligence in radiology medical malpractice cases

You can easily win prove medical negligence if you have evidence that your pain, suffering, injuries, trauma, or loved one’s death was caused by any of the following:

  • Misinterpretation of radiology imaging report.
  • Misdiagnosis of test results
  • Improper testing procedures
  • Incorrect evaluation of test results
  • Unread medical imaging reports
  • Failure to communicate the radiology results to the patient’s doctor or failure to refer the patient to a specialist in time.

If you suspect that radiology errors are behind your predicament, get in touch for a case evaluation. Our medical malpractice lawyers in Pennsylvania have a thorough understanding of the medical malpractice law and what it takes to win medical malpractice claims. They have helped thousands of clients win their radiology malpractice cases for 35 years now.

4. Damages

For you to win medical malpractice lawsuits against any doctor, you must prove that the doctor’s actions led to real damages. The Pennsylvania medical malpractice law recognizes both monetary and non-monetary damages. ost radiology and medication errors lead to damages such as:

  • Loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Physical pain.
  • Mental pain and suffering.
  • Loss of earnings.
  • Medical bills.

Depending on your case, you can win compensation for any of these damages. All you need is to contact an experienced radiology malpractice lawyer for assistance. Fischman & Rizza have been recognized as Pennsylvania’s top 1 percent attorneys. They always want to live by this title by ensuring a high settlement for your damages—all them now to get started.

What do you need to win medical malpractice claims?

The law entrusts doctors with the standard of care duty to patients because their license is a sign of competence. As a result, a doctor should always put the patient’s safety and health first. If a radiologist fails to order a test in time, interpret medical imaging results correctly, communicate test results efficiently, or prescribe the right prescription to a patient, they have a right to open a medical malpractice lawsuit against them. It least 12 percent of radiology errors cause severe harm to the patient. This harm can be physical, emotional, emotional, or financial. You will need the following to win your radiology medical malpractice case in Pennsylvania:

  • Insurance information.
  • The patient’s radiology report.
  • Patient’s medical record with evidence of previous or ongoing doctor’s appointments.
  • Witness information.
  • Medical malpractice lawyer.

Why do you need experienced attorneys for your radiology malpractice lawsuits?

When a cardiac test is misread, such as an angiogram, a patient can suffer a preventable heart attack. Then brain imaging studies are not interpreted correctly; patients can suffer strokes and other disabling medical events, such as subdural hematomas or brain bleeds. Then an obstetric ultrasound is misinterpreted, a baby could suffer a birth injury. Then a radiologist fails to see a tumor or other problem, a treatable illness or condition can become debilitating or unmanageable and lead to the patient’s wrongful death.

Fighting a radiologist or health insitution in court for medical malpractice is not child’s play. Many parties are involved, including insurance adjusters whose primary role is to discredit you and ensure that you do not get any compensation. However, a lawyer is a neutral party who will fight for the client to the end.

At Frischman & Rizza, P.C., our Pennsylvania radiology medical malpractice attorneys help clients who have suffered illness or disabling injury because of radiology and MRI errors. We also advocate for the families of those who died due to negligence by a radiologist. We have been handling radiology and diagnostic imaging malpractice cases like these for many years and have the technical understanding needed to develop strong cases for our clients. We build a great attorney-client relationship to ensure comfortable working with us on the case. Call us now for a free consultation.

Compensation for Clients Injured by Radiology Mistakes

When lifesaving radiology tools are not used properly, or the results are misinterpreted, patients can suffer devastating injuries or death. Patients injured by this type of medical malpractice, or the families of those who died, will find a sympathetic ear and aggressive representation that seeks total compensation for the full extent of the harm caused.

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Most radiology malpractice cases cause serious harm or even death of the patient. Missed evidence of spinal cord injuries, cardiac arrest, vascular injuries, or other medical conditions can cause serious damage. Similarly, when a physician fails to read x-ray images correctly prescribe other interventional procedures or necessary treatment for a medical condition, they compromise patient safety and betray the physician-patient relationship.

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