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Linda – Carroltown, PA

Linda’s husband suffered an illness and came out of it with a severe brain injury. Her family was left wondering what to do next.

She had to begin planning for bankruptcy, long-term care, and possibly the sale of their family home.

We were able to pursue damages to help her maintain a high-level of care for her husband at home, with family.

David – Blacksburg, VA

David’s mother had a terrible incident, and needed some advice. They were going through a very difficult situation and were seeking advice, not to be pressured into anything.

We listened carefully to David and his family, bringing them into our process and making them feel like a part of our family.

That’s what makes Frischman & Rizza different than many law firms.

More Reviews

  • 5 star review  Bernie and Craig represented my niece in a misdiagnosis case for breast cancer. Not only were they her lawyers, but quickly became like family. Hers was a difficult case because of the type of cancer it was - fast growing with a bleak outlook - but they took on the task and got her a settlement that took a big worry - finances - off of her mind and made her last days a little easier for her. They still follow up on her husband and family to this day, and have even helped her family with some of her estate work, which was definitely going above and beyond. But for Bernie and Craig, this is their style. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants a legal team that is reachable and treats you like family, yet goes to the extreme to get you what you deserve.

    thumb Debi LaGamba

    5 star review  People are very nice and experienced here. I came here only to cover my medical bills in the accident. Craig goes way beyond my expectations. I even got an extra nice amount of settlement fee. Also, when I was greatly depressed by the accident, people here comforted me a lot. Thank you so much!

    thumb Y Boyan
  • 5 star review  Craig Frischman I contacted Craig after a recommendation from a family member, after I had fallen on ice in a restaurant parking lot. From the beginning, Craig was very frank with me regarding slip and fall accidents. He spoke on my level in terms I could understand. I became frustrated about 6 months into the case as I really hadn't heard any news. Craig was very understanding, and explained how this was normal, and that most cases don't settle until much later. Again, he treated me with respect, and spoke to me , not as a know it all lawyer, but as a caring person. At month 10 he told me that the restaurant would settle with me. For a larger amount that I ever expected ( I do have long lasting, probably permanent problems from the fall). He also got a larger settlement than what was first offered, and got my medical lien reduced by half. I'm able to breathe a little easier now, and will be forever indebted to Craig and his team. I hope I never have to contact him again professionally, but if needed, I will.

    thumb Barb Jankowski-Metallo

    5 star review  Craig Frishman and Bernie Rizza are not just attorney's I had to deal with because of a devastating experience, they are forever friends. Our life had taken a turn that tested every limit we had as a family emotionally, physically and financially. Craig and Bernie were up front, honest, dependable, sympathetic and sincere. They define the expression “above and beyond.” Because of these two gentlemen and their exceptional staff, we were able to give my husband the care, love and devotion he deserved (at home). My husband’s quality of life was better because these gentlemen fought, with no guarantee of compensation, with everything they had to give. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Craig and Bernie. I cannot finish this review without a special thank you to Tina, your kind words and helpful ways kept me together during some very hard days. You are the first voice I would hear when I needed to call the office and you always left me feeling better at the end of each call. With a thankful heart, Linda Beck

    thumb Linda Beck
  • 5 star review  The day I was referred to Craig, he told me upfront he was going to be honest. I met with Craig in person and provided documents I had gathered. He had kept contact with me via email, text, and phone calling. I was able to communicate directly through email and calling with his secretary. Craig had always told me I could call/text/email anytime of the day. Craig reviewed my case thoroughly and efficiently. After a conversation we had and I had follow up questions, he would put in email the conversation we had via phone. I believe Craig did an excellent job with my case and I would contact him again.

    thumb Desarae Horton


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