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What is considered a birth injury?

Every time you have a baby, there’s the usual concern about whether or not everything went smoothly and the little one is healthy. In addition to these concerns, you may be worried about what could happen if your child is injured during birth. Most people know that labor can be painful and even frightening for expecting mothers, but as far as injuries go, most pregnant women don’t think much beyond that.

You may be surprised at how many common circumstances can result in a birth injury. Fortunately, birth injuries are rare. However, you never know what could happen when your kid comes into this world. We’ll go over everything here to help you understand the types of birth injuries and what precautions you should take to protect your child from them.

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What is a birth injury?

A birth injury occurs when a complication of labor or delivery affects the baby. Birth injuries can stem from a variety of sources, including not having a birth plan, medication, an infection, medical malpractice, or medical negligence. For example, an unmonitored birth can lead to an unsafe delivery. The baby is at risk of getting injured if complications occur during labor or delivery. Something as simple as medical negligence, infections, and pregnancy complications can cause serious birth injuries.

A birth injury can be caused by a lack of proper medical care or a negligent act during birth. Whether a birth injury occurs during a natural birth or through a cesarean section, complications or injuries can result. Birth injuries can also occur if a doctor or nurse does not know what they are doing. Parents may be surprised by the number of common circumstances that result in a birth injury. Unfortunately, these injuries could have been prevented.

Types of Birth Injury

Common birth injuries are often minor but require extensive medical treatment. An injury in the heart muscle is a common form of structural defect. Other causes include spina bifida, club feet, congenital dislocations of the hips, and cleft palates. Among the most commonly encountered developmental defects are Tay-Sachs disease, a fatal disease that affects the brain, and phenylketonuria, which affects the cellular processing of proteins. Other congenital disabilities are uterine rupture, oxygen deprivation, cerebral palsy, fetal distress, placenta previa, ERB’s palsy, and brain damage.

What causes birth injury?

Sometimes doctors are not aware of the causes of birth defects. When it is known, the cause generally falls under one of the following categories:

  • Environmental — alcohol and drugs, diseases, rubella and chickenpox.
  • Genetics —chromosome mistakes occur during conception.
  • Combined — caused by environmental and genetic factors.

Immediately after birth defects have occurred, it can lead to medical malpractice.

Birth injuries and medical negligence

Despite the differences among the cases, some birth injuries can be prevented by medical care. Medical personnel must know how to avoid birth defects or other serious complications.

Unfortunately, many doctors have made avoidable mistakes that can cause pregnancy injuries. Often, it is considered medical negligence. Birth injury attorneys can sue doctors if they are negligent.

Are birth injuries permanent?

Usually, birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy, are permanent and require specific medical care for sufferers over their entire lives and development. Fortunately, there are a variety of birth injuries that heal completely with proper care.

Why do parents hire birth injury lawyers?

We understand that a child’s birth doesn’t happen without an expectation of perfection. However, parents trust medical doctors, obstetricians, and nurses to fulfill their responsibility to the family and keep their infants and children safe. They work and deliver professionally across the industry. When negligence is deemed to cause medical malpractice, a life is lost. Both parents will have to suffer devastating consequences for their children. You would need to have a qualified attorney file a birth injury lawsuit to help recover a birth injury claim.

What a birth injury lawyer will do for you

A birth injury lawyer represents the interests of people whose babies have suffered injuries during birth. If this best describes you, then a birth injury lawyer can help you with the following:

  • File a birth injury lawsuit within the appropriate law court on your behalf
  • Hold all negligent health workers, including the delivery team connected to your case, accountable for the harm done to your baby.
  • Put together relevant pieces of evidence, such as medical records, to prove your case beyond all reasonable doubt.
  • Help you pursue a birth injury claim and ensure you receive proper compensation
  • Help you recover medical expenses incurred during delivery

Fighting for your child’s future after a medical malpractice

According to the nature of your child’s congenital disability, it may require life-long medical treatment. Our team works closely to understand the child’s needs comprehensively and effectively. We use this information to obtain compensation for the child via a medical malpractice claim.

Our firm has an extensive list of birth injury cases, including Pittsburgh birth injury lawyers near you. We have experienced Pittsburgh birth defect lawyers and can provide you with some answers.

Experienced birth injury lawyers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A Pittsburgh birth injury lawyer with the medical malpractice attorneys of Frischman & Rizza has experienced firsthand the distress and fear of children undergoing birth defects. This is one reason for the fight for justice for our families and children. We fight to protect young people who have suffered injuries during birth because we know they are vulnerable. Lastly, it would make it clear to all other medical professionals that birth defects caused by negligence cannot be tolerated. The birth is often uneven, resulting in beautiful babies with aching parents.

Have you suffered a birth injury? Contact a Pittsburgh Personal Injury Attorney at Frischman & Rizza for a free case evaluation.

Birth injury cases and the need to choose the right representation are critical. We think we should do everything we can to minimize your worries so that you can concentrate on healing, recovery, or mourning without issue.

Our law firm seeks to provide total birth injury claims for our clients’ losses. We have the expertise and experience necessary to help our clients win their birth injury lawsuits, so we work hard.

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