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What is the 5 most common cause of injury to pedestrians?

The number of pedestrian accidents in the US has significantly increased, with about seventy thousand pedestrians involved in these accidents each year. Pedestrian accidents are among the most fatal road accidents and can cause serious injuries.

Pedestrian and driver negligence are among the top causes of common pedestrian accidents. These accidents are common in urban settings, city streets, intersections, and parking lots with limited space. Also, pedestrian accidents happen on roadsides or narrow sidewalks, or in dark or poorly lit areas.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Unlike drivers in motor vehicle accidents, pedestrians are often unprotected and get badly hurt. Car accident victims may be shielded from harm by their cars while pedestrians walk with no protective gear. Most pedestrian accidents result in injuries ranging from minor sprains and scratches to serious injuries like contusions and spinal cord injuries. One can also experience internal injuries, fractures, sprains, and traumatic brain injuries.

5 Most Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

1. Speeding

Driving above a posted speed limit is illegal and could lead to a serious accident. Statistics show that speeding is among the top causes of pedestrian accidents. According to the law, drivers should drive at a reasonable and prudent speed that allows them to stop when necessary and within a clear distance.

A speeding driver will likely hit a pedestrian since they will hardly have time to stop and prevent the accident. Also, accidents resulting from speeding are among the most fatal of pedestrian accidents and may cause severe injuries. If you are a pedestrian accident victim, seek legal representation from a legal office or expert. Finding good pedestrian accident attorneys will help you get justice and compensation for the harm done to you by a careless driver.

2. Distractions

Distracted driving is one of the common causes of pedestrian accidents and involves activities like texting while driving that divert a driver’s attention from the road. This careless driving consists of manual, visual, and cognitive distractions.

  • Manual distraction happens when a driver takes their hands off the wheel to perform a different activity.
  • Visual distraction happens when the driver takes their eyes off the road to check their phone and cannot focus on their driving task.
  • Cognitive distraction occurs when one takes their focus off the road, for instance, by using cell phones while driving and swerving into oncoming traffic or into a designated crosswalk with pedestrians.

Distracted driving has led to several car collisions and pedestrian accidents, with distracted drivers failing to stop when a pedestrian crosses and not paying attention to traffic signals. There are traffic laws against texting and driving, and in some states, it is illegal to use electronic devices while driving. Some activities contributing to distracted driving include eating, daydreaming, drinking, and operating your radio while driving.

3. Drunk driving

“Drunk driving” refers to driving while under the influence of alcohol and is a crime punishable by law. The law also prohibits driving with a high blood alcohol concentration or while intoxicated from drugs and prescription medications, as these substances affect a driver’s ability to reason, coordinate, and react on time.

Intoxicated drivers have caused numerous pedestrian and car accidents due to speeding, driving off their lanes, and ignoring red lights. Unfortunately, many pedestrians have been victims of this reckless driving. These accidents cause severe injuries and sometimes permanent disabilities, especially to pedestrians. Suppose you are involved in a pedestrian accident caused by an intoxicated driver and have a serious injury. Seek legal services from personal injury attorneys to ensure you are compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

4. Disregarding traffic signs

Traffic lights, signs, and laws are put in place to protect pedestrians and drivers from accidents and motor vehicle collisions. However, a distracted or negligent driver may disregard or fail to notice a traffic signal while checking their phone or speeding. This careless driving is risky as it may lead to pedestrian accidents and serious injuries. Disregarding traffic signs and laws by drivers and pedestrians is a crime and will get you in trouble with law enforcement.

5. Poor Roads And Bad Weather Conditions

Pedestrian accidents can also result from bad roads and harsh weather. From potholes to slippery roads, poor road conditions are a hazard that can cause severe injuries to pedestrians or drivers and damage cars. Heavy rain and snow can also leave roads wet and slippery, causing pedestrian accidents and injuries.

These slick roads make it difficult for drivers to stop vehicles when a pedestrian is on the road, thus leading to accidents. Also, fog blocks visibility, and a driver may not see a pedestrian in foggy conditions. Roads with unmarked crosswalks cause serious accidents, especially for pedestrians.

Other causes of pedestrian accidents include:

  • Car equipment failure
  • Backing-up cars recklessly in driveways and parking lots
  • Wearing dark clothes at night

Compensation for Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can cause significant injuries that will keep you in the hospital for several days, weeks, or months and cost you money in terms of medical bills, lost opportunities, and lost wages. If you are not at fault, seek compensation from the negligent driver to cover the medical expenses and your lost income.

As an injured person, gaining full recovery should be your priority after an injury. Seeking professional legal services from personal injury lawyers will help you get justice and compensation as you recover. Some law offices offer free consultations and free case evaluations; their personal injury attorneys will help guide you on how to claim compensation and inform you of your rights. They can also negotiate with an insurance company on your behalf.

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